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Like most people, I’ve never liked to go to the dentist. However, Dr. Kotch and her staff make me feel comfortable and at ease.

– Susan, Kingston

My 8-year-old daughter loves going to the dentist and asks me periodically when her next appointment is! I have been using Dr. Kotch for 8 years and asked when my daughter should begin seeing her. She told me when my daughter had about 20 teeth. I believe she was 3. Marci is our hygienist and she made my daughter very comfortable right from the start. I thank Dr. Kotch and her team for the time and care they have taken to build a relationship with us that will forever improve our life.

– Lauranel, Kingston

I had stayed away from the dentist for years because I thought I could take care of my teeth on my own. I brush twice a day and floss occasionally. Not to mention, I never found a dentist I cared for after moving to PA from NJ six years ago. Then, I started having pain in my tooth. My girlfriend sent me to Dr. Kotch. I was very impressed and am now a regular patient. It feels good to know I have a dentist I can trust after all these years.

– Andrew, Wyoming